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We are searching North America to find interesting, creative, and useful applications of our TUFTEX polycarbonate and vinyl building panels. As we find these examples, and the stories from the people who chose to use our TUFTEX panels, we will feature them here to share with you. If you know of an example that we should see, please send a message to examples@tuftexpanel.com. Onduline North America  

Welcome to the TUFTEX Blog2018-07-25T19:39:30-04:00

TUFTEX PolyCarb Translucent White Roof on Sunroom


Do you have corrugated fiberglass panels on a sunroom, sun parlor or solarium? In the 1960s and ‘70s, corrugated fiberglass panels were the popular choice for translucent roofing panels that let light into the room. Fiberglass panels are fiber-reinforced plastic panels; and the plastic is typically an epoxy or resin that, over time, becomes less transparent and more brittle. Ready for a modern solution that is stronger, lasts longer and [...]

TUFTEX PolyCarb Translucent White Roof on Sunroom2017-10-19T20:09:39-04:00

Cold Frame with TUFTEX Polycarbonate Panels


A cold frame is a protective covering and passive solar-energy collector for growing plants when cooler temperatures outdoors can adversely affect plants. A cold frame protects the plants from sudden temperature changes, chilling winds and frozen precipitation. The basic structure of a cold frame is four walls and a lid. The lid is made with a clear material that allows sunlight in. The walls can be solid wood or a [...]

Cold Frame with TUFTEX Polycarbonate Panels2017-10-09T18:27:53-04:00

TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear Panels on a Greenhouse Shed


Joe Chiarelli in Lindenhurst, New York, wanted a greenhouse and a shed, so he made a greenhouse shed with TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear panels for the roof and two walls of the shed. Joe shared with us these photos of his greenhouse shed. "I chose the TUFTEX PolyCarb panels because the system looked to be very easy to assemble, as TUFTEX provides all the parts necessary for completing the job. Using [...]

TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear Panels on a Greenhouse Shed2017-03-19T21:04:49-04:00

TUFTEX Projects on Pinterest


If you are familiar with Pinterest, you already know that it is a platform for people to show and share images of their creative projects. Pinterest is a visual platform for sharing photos, and we have set up an account on Pinterest to share photos of projects that incorporated TUFTEX panels. We invite you to visit our pinboards on Pinterest to see the projects that people have done where TUFTEX [...]

TUFTEX Projects on Pinterest2017-01-22T17:26:03-05:00

April Wilkerson and TUFTEX PolyCarb Translucent White Panels


April Wilkerson is an "obsessed DIYer and Woodworker" with an enormous following on YouTube. She likes to build things and show in her videos how she takes on each step in her projects. The videos are informative and insightful — and her positive, can-do attitude is inspirational — as she takes you along for the journey. April recently built an outdoor shower and used TUFTEX PolyCarb Translucent White panels for the [...]

April Wilkerson and TUFTEX PolyCarb Translucent White Panels2016-10-03T22:29:25-04:00

TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear Panels on a Greenhouse in Texas


Bill Utley in Colleyville, Texas, built a 10-ft by 12-ft greenhouse about seven years ago, and used TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear panels. He grows cactus and succulent plants, and is a member of the Fort Worth Cactus and Succulent Society. Bill shared with us some recent photos of the greenhouse. "I built my greenhouse about 7 years ago using TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear panels, and it has turned out to be one [...]

TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear Panels on a Greenhouse in Texas2016-10-03T21:48:04-04:00

TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear Panels on Greenhouse in Mississippi


Danny King recently built a new greenhouse on the south side of his barn in Perkinston, Mississippi. He installed the TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear panels for the walls and roof of the greenhouse. Danny, and his wife Wanda, will be using the greenhouse in the winter months to get an early start on growing vegetables. My experience with using TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear panels has been one of joy. They are so [...]

TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear Panels on Greenhouse in Mississippi2016-06-27T08:57:47-04:00

TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear Panels Block Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation


One of the benefits of the TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear panels is that they block UV radiation. UV radiation from sunlight causes sunburn, contributes to long-term skin damage, and can cause fading of furniture or other colored objects. We sent samples of our TUFTEX PolyCarb panels to a company that does transmission measurements for UV radiation for the spectrum of 400 nanometers down to 250 nanometers. These tests in a laboratory [...]

TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear Panels Block Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation2016-06-27T20:08:43-04:00

TUFTEX Greenhouse Installation Video


Joe Mooney recently built a "sunken" greenhouse on his property in Arizona. He used TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear panels and recorded this video for us. The interior of the greenhouse is below ground to lower the exposure to wind. Joe Mooney is a DIY project junkie and amateur homesteader in Arizona. He is a firefighter by trade and a self-taught craftsman who has honed most his skills through various projects and [...]

TUFTEX Greenhouse Installation Video2016-05-23T19:41:51-04:00

PAR Calculations for TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear Panels


If you are interested in growing plants in a greenhouse, you may have discovered the concept of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) and its significance to photosynthesis in plants. PAR is measured over a wavelength band of solar radiation from 400 to 700 nanometers, which corresponds to the absorption spectrum of chlorophyll for the process of photosynthesis. PAR is measured from the light incident on the plants, so PAR values are [...]

PAR Calculations for TUFTEX PolyCarb Clear Panels2017-03-19T19:22:54-04:00